Yolande Hart

I am a result-oriented professional with 15 yrs of experience in areas including entrepreneurship, business development and a coaching advisory guide to persons in business. I believe that in being passionate about what I do in both my private and professional life is key to my success. My love of tech has enabled me to up skill & stay relevant in the business arena. I have recently completed several courses (400+ hrs) whilst also being mentored by a Senior Dev from Silicon Valley and a Senior Python Consultant from India. Tableau is also a passion for me as it is blend of creativity, logic and strategic thinking, which inspires me. I am open to new opportunities that enable me to work as part of a team on diverse and challenging projects.

What I Do

Web Designer Frontend

Responsible for implementing visual and interactive elements that your user engages with through their web browser.

Business/Personal Coach

Behavioral coaching assists individuals to realize what are effective behaviors and create an action plan. It works on a measurable paradigm which aims at bringing about change in action.

Data Analyst

Data Analyst makes recommendations about the methods and ways in which your company obtains and analyses data to improve the quality and efficiency of your business.

Private Coding Tuition

HART-CODED has classes available in Web Development (Frontend + Backend) or Data Science (Data Analytics)




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Website Design
Improve your web presence
Attain ways to attract more customers & increase revenue. SEO Optimization helps your website to rank in top positions.
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Data Analytics
Lets us help you convert business data into actionable insights.
Our services provide a foundation for insight and analysis to help you make better business decisions.
$TBD Email free 20 min chat
Personal Coaching Offers a way to live and work with deep satisfaction, meaning and fulfilment.
Business Coaching Helps you to identify core behavioral aspects of yourself.
$20 Per Hour
Private Coding Tuition
HART-CODED has classes available in Web Development (Frontend + Backend) or Data Science (Data Analytics).

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